About the EURAPS Research Council


  • To promote the excellence of basic research in Plastic Surgery;
  • To furnish an annual Forum for recent scientific research work in Plastic Surgery;
  • To stimulate communication and translation of research and investigation at the European level;
  • To coordinate various forms of investigational and laboratory teaching;


The primary idea to initiate a Research platform for basic research in Plastic Surgery was to foster the quality of scientific work in the field. Three members of EURAPS (Alfred BERGER, Willy BOECKX and Roy SANDERS) decided during the 8th annual EURAPS meeting in Amsterdam to initiate a research platform for young investigators and researchers, involved in basic research for Plastic Surgery.


The First Scientific Meeting took place in Hannover, Germany on October 8-9th 1997. From the beginning, the meeting focused on young scientists to present their ideas and innovations in basic research, relevant for the whole field of Plastic Surgery. The abstracts were published in the European Journal for Plastic Surgery and each following year, a different European city was chosen to host the meeting.


The Council was established during the 22nd EURAPS meeting in Mykonos on June 3rd, 2011 and it was named European Association of Plastic Surgeons Research Council. The by-laws were integrated into the EURAPS by-laws and approved (Article III, section 4).